Judy is a powerful Keynote Speaker and Seminar Trainer – Her topics include:

The transformational principals of SACRED Leadership™ More Info

Charge Your Challenges™ More Info

Unlock Your Inner Technology™ More Info

Social Entrepreneurship – the exponential growth imminent in our global economy More Info

Abundance, Compounding and Exponentials – your role in it and your future More Info

Seminar Training material includes –

SACRED Leadership™

Charge Your Challenges™

Unlock Your Inner Technology™

MASTERY Technique™


TESTIMONIALS from recent talks

“Judy is a powerful and charismatic speaker who inspires and touches her audience. She has an important message and delivers it with authenticity and passion. Her presentation added significantly to my event when I invited her to present and I look forward to hosting her again on my stages around the world.”

Raymond Aaron NY Times Bestselling Author

“Hi Judy, You are inspiration and it was an honour to meet you and hear your amazing journey as a social entrepreneur”

Serah Lister

“You were inspirational Judy”

Pat Duckworth

“you spoke well and from the heart. An amazing story”

Susan Cowe

“authentic clear and well delivered”

Colin Holford

“a great talk, very inspiring, good things can come out of very difficult situations, unfortunately one and a half hours was never going to be enough to cover the depth of the topic…… but i’m intrigued now”

Leslie Twiselton

“Thank you so much Judy for such an amazing and inspiring talk.”

Daniel Colbert

“A great speaker she gave me lots of practical ideas that I can incorporate into my teaching plans – glad I went :-)”


“Great evening with great people. Judy’s story was pretty harrowing… but her turn-around truly inspiring.”


“Insightful information delivered with lots of internal messages surrounding the main topic”

Silver King

“A fascinating talk and a real inspiration demonstrating how powerful the mind can be and how to achieve your goals through true belief in your own ability. Thank you Judy.”


“Great talk. Judy was passionate and had great content. She also left us wanting more which is always good.”

Luke Charlton

“Very informative”