Judy van Niekerk is a dynamic inspirational speaker. She speaks from her heart and delivers a message so profound with content that is enlightening and thought provoking. Her talks are designed for the audience to take away and incorporate the information into their lives to achieve measurable results. It has been said that Judy is the best in her field as she stirs the curiosity and awakens an awareness of infinite possibilities in her audiences.
Known as a thought leader, gifted with a mind that sees no barriers, she has vast experience in breaking the norms, being pioneering and seeing beyond the visible in all aspects of life. She expertly combines her own intuitive knowledge, visionary insights, vast experience, many years of learning, researching and studying into expertly crafted talks and presentations – that will enrich any event.


The transformational principals of SACRED Leadership™

SACRED Leadership™ Institute trains entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their income, life and success through teaching transformational principals based on the deep truths of who we are. Marrying our inner technology with the outer technology giving entrepreneurs the sacred power that even our ancestors could only visualize.

Never before have we experienced the rare and precious opportunities that exist today to create phenomenal spiritual and material enrichment for ourselves, communities, humanity and the planet.

Entrepreneurs need to lead this evolution and if they don’t they will be left behind forever.


Charge Your Challenges™

SACRED Leadership™ institute trains entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their income life and success through the transformational principals of sacred leadership based on the deep truth of who we are – our inner technology – and marrying that to our outer technology invovles exponential thinking, compounding actions and becoming disruptive by default.
But first we need to learn how to charge our challenges…
The science of the inner is a forgotten science – since the evolution of outer science or Newtonian Science we have become more and more dependent on outer technology and in the process locked down our inner technology – where the true depths of our power lies.

Which is why the world appears to be in chaos. Why we are desperately and permanently seeking – outside ourselves for solutions, answers and for love.
Which is why we are becoming more and more overwhelmed by our challenges as they become to define us.
We say we are victims to circumstances, we blame the hand we have been dealt, we drown under the weight of challenges because that is what society tells us to do.
We have become indoctrinated in Newtonian science – where everything is based on material fact – everything is physical and has to be proven.

Leaving no space for our inner authentic, divine, mystical and intuitive truth to guide us in life, in dealing with situations

and we have become indoctrinated in the construct of survival of the fittest which has been erroneously attributed to Darwin.

If you read his text the Origin of Species – he referred to experiments with birds and ants and deduced that “they let the strongest live and the weakest die” – but he preambled that with “it may not be a logical deduction…” he knew there was more research to be done.
His theories on evolution which he always preambled with the possibility that he was not aware of all the facts.. have been completely discounted scientifically – but yet we continue to stay ignorant as a society by teaching Darwiniasm at schools today.
He was not aware of dna in those days and Chromyzone 2 disproves his evolutionary theory beyond a shadow of doubt.
We are natural collaborators – we are phenomenally powerful – we are not separate from the universe as newton says but one with the universe.
There are peer reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate when collaboration breaks down in the animal world the results are disastrous and that is what has been happening for us.
In the process we have got stuck and into a spin, which has created the current phenomena we are experiencing. The single more critical opportunity many of us miss day after day is not Charging our Challenges, then monetizing them and mastering them. In this powerfully insightful talk Judy explains exactly how you do this, with grace, finesse and effortlessly using her own experiences and that of others and those of her many thousand clients.


Unlock Your Inner Technology™

The science of the Inner Technology is a forgotten science – since the evolution of outer science we have become more and more dependent on our outer technology and in the process locked down our Inner Technology – where the deep truth of who we are lies. This talk focuses on the new scientific proof being documented at a faster and faster rate year on year that proves the extent of our inner power and how marrying the science of outer technology married with our own unlocked inner technology we then possess a power so vast there is nothing to match it.


Social Entrepreneurship – the exponential growth imminent in our global economy

You may have heard this several times from a number of visionary people over the past few months “in the next three to five years there will be in excess of 3 billion extra people coming online” but have you considered the knock on effect of this?
What are they going to be doing online? What effect will that have on the internet or on you and me?
Well, to start with it will be unprecedented. The growth on the internet has been a steady curve over the last 15 or 20 years but it will skyrocket exponentially and in my opinion closer to three years from now than five.
Where are they coming from and what will they be doing?
They will be entrepreneurs from the developing countries around the world and they will be trading.
They will be looking for you, your product or service.

It will be material things they will need, services, intellectual property that you have, educational material as well as exchange services, anything you can think of they will need.
Are you geared up for that in your vocation, in your career, in your job?
Today, in the middle of sub sahara Africa you will find kids roaming the veldt daily, playing and generally doing what kids do, learning about life, not from their classrooms but from their smartphones. Think about it 48 million people have a mobile phone but do not have electricity. 1.7 billion people do not have bank accounts but bank by mobile phone. Mobile-money is overtaking and destabilizing traditional banks in many African countries. Even countries like Somalia one of the poorest African countries has experienced a mobile revolution.
People on less that $2 a day go without eating to buy credit for their mobile phones. Mobile-money is giving small loans to entrepreneurs in these regions who are learning and staying connected using the mobile phone.
Today the ability to gather data, exchange information and contact anyone all over the world is creating an exponential society with exponential demands.
More than ever this is encouraging self-reliance which is why the developing countries will burst on to the global economic marketplace within the next couple of years. As they creatively solve their own issues and problems that are economically viable with a combination of understanding their own cultural needs, requirements and demands and access to global information.
This talk is an enriching experience as Judy explains and teaches her audiences about the phenomenal opportunities that exist today to create inspired wealth – never before have there been the opportunities we are experiencing today. No longer is it a case of having to have a large capital base, or a bank loan to get started – all that is needed is vision, passion and commitment and anyone can soar in todays global economy. A truly inspiring talk.


Abundance, Compounding and Exponentials – your role in it and your future

ABUNDANCE – The only thing to be concerned about in todays society is deciding what abundance to tap into..
We are swamped with negativity around us that is prohibiting us from seeing the opportunities. Brainwashing information designed to engage the amygdala in the temporal lobes area of the brain, part of the limbic system which induces fear conditioning and stimulates memories and embeds the fear and negativity into the brains core system is all around us which in essence then creates patterns of behaviour leading to a lifestyle of scarcity thinking and mentality.
It is all LIES.
Yes there are bad things happening.
But there are a lot more positive and good things happening.
Yes we are running out of fossil fuels that damage the planet and thank goodness for that. Yes there is climate change‚ no different than the planet has experineced many times over in its lifetime. Yes there is hunger and poverty. Yes there is an unjust banking system that has controlled the global economy
But this represents an opportunity –  an opportunity to go back to our sacred roots of thriving, not surviving which is a way of life we have adopted over the past 200 years based on the false concept of “survival of the fittest”, however we are natural collaborators.
We naturally collaborate and co-operate and when we take this opportunity to revert to our core innate nature we will experience an evolution so profound like nothing humankind has experienced before.
All the solutions to the crisis we are experiencing – exist today – we have sustainable energy resources, enough food to feed everyone and the technology to sustain this as well as a fair and equitable economic growth structure that is empowering and sustainable.
All the answers exist – the outer technology exists to achieve this evolution, we need to embrace the sacred truth of who we truly are and unlock the inner technology we possess and access the abundance that exists and put into practise what we know to be right – marrying our inner technology to our outer technology.
We are living in a time of exponential organisations where individuals and small teams of leaders are growing exponential companies from a zero base to multi billions in a space of 2 to 3 years. The society we know now today is about to change – beyond recognition because of the phenomenal opportunities that exponential technologies give us from Robotics, to AI, 3d Printing, Synthetic Biology and much much more. Society dynamics are going to shift. And to ride the wave of these opportunities it is wise to know what they are in order to join the journey – be ahead of the game and listen to this massively informative talk that will leave your head spinning with the sheer number of opportunities today.