Help Us Create a Society Where our Children get the Protection They Deserve!

(We have 6 months to get 100 000 signatures starting 29 February 2016)

Why the need for Humanities Child Law?

Today in 2016, it is hard to believe but true, according to a report by the NSPCC 1 in 6 children are being sexually abused in the UK.

According to a report commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner and published in November 2015 (Protect Children from Harm) only 1 in 8 children being sexually abused have received adult intervention.

Furthermore 8 out of 10 cases of child sexual abuse is being perpetrated by a person known to the child, a family member, babysitter or a family friend. This means that with the correct and effective strategies we can have positively change this situation – the key is how! The answer is in Schools.

The stats show that 8 out of 10 children are abused by someone known, therefore there is a period of grooming. It rarely develops  overnight. During this time there are signs that can be picked up and if the schools have an active awareness program for children – it is possible to stop it before it even happens.

What is Humanities Child Law?

Humanities Child Law is a call for an Amendment to the Education Act 2011 in the United Kingdom.

Founded by sexual assault and rape survivor, author, speaker, Judy van Niekerk, as part of her “I Celebrate Foundation”, a not for profit foundation that is committed to empowering people globally to overcome challenges and thrive after mental illness.

Humanities Child Law is a call to implement programs on prevention and awareness of sexual abuse in all schools in the country.

These include –

SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. ACT –  ‘‘Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Act’’.


Age-appropriate tools to recognise child sexual abuse and how to communicate with a member of staff or an adult who has their trust.

Age-appropriate programs to guard children from being groomed.

Education of School staff – the signs to look out for around child sexual abuse A procedure of care for children who have been sexually abused in the education system.

Education for Parents & guardians on the signs that child sexual abuse could be happening as well referral information to support sexually abused children and their families.

To provide information to parents and guardians of early childhood, primary school, and secondary school students about child sexual abuse awareness and prevention, including how to recognise child sexual abuse and how to discuss child sexual abuse with a child.

Details of how the educational departments will ensure that a program or activity developed or carried out using funds provided under the government is effective. Improve school safety and promote students’ physical and mental health and well-being.

Authorised agencies with approved programs only to be used to  deliver training to students, parents, guardians and teachers.

Ongoing reviews and evaluation and effectiveness of programs Identify children at risk – who are being groomed – and refer those involved for assessment and rehabilitation before becoming a full sexual abuse case.

Age Appropriate education on how to deal with emotions leading to potential acts of sexual abuse.

Introduce Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention into the

Education system

Only 1 in 8 children who are sexually abused in the UK are identified by professionals. It is estimated that as many as 450,000 children were abused over the same period of this study, but only 1 in 8 received the vital intervention needed to keep them safe and help to overcome their experiences

Almost every child goes to school, it is a place where professionals can share awareness and prevention education that will not only gently encourage the hundreds of thousands of children suffering in silence to receive vital intervention but also make children aware of the dangers of being groomed.

A different strategy needs to be adopted to ensure a different outcome. It is shocking that in 2016 children are still vulnerable in this way.


Once we have succeeded in this phase it is out intention to approach the UN to incorporate these programs into the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and then roll out to other countries.

If you have any questions or would ideas or even concerns about this proposed amendment please feel free to contact us by clicking here

Diary of Events

(Below we will keep you posted on the developments and the behind the scenes happenings that will bring this Act in to reality)

29 February 2016
The government petition was approved and went live – we need At 10,000 signatures for the government to respond to this petition and   100,000 signatures for the government to consider this for debate in Parliament. However we are not limiting our campaign to the petition – but it is very powerful tool – there is great power and persuasiveness in numbers!
29 February 2016
Judy van Niekerk met with MP Jim Fitzpatrick (MP for Tower Hamlets, London) who has committed to writing to the Education Minister and the Children’s Commissioner to see what there current plans are in regard to incorporating Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention into the Education Act. (It was suggested in the report released by the office of the Children’s Commissioner in November 2015 (Protect Children from Harm report) that possible avenues around in education should be explored to include protection of children) Mr Fitzpatrick has also committed to speaking with the Shadow Minister to ascertain the Labour Party’s stand on this topic.
12 March 2016
The team have followed up with those in government – still waiting for a response regarding the current status on incorporating Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention into Education.

We have made the decision to wait until we know what the Minister for Education’s plans are for this until we take this campaign mainstream – we will wait until end of April. The we will step up the campaign as each day that goes by is another day a child has suffered and more children are at risk.

17 March 2016
Today we reached out to the NSPCC and wait for their response to support this campaign on some level.