Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by my website today! People often ask me “What do I do?”  and I used to have such a battle responding to that question  – I felt like, what does that mean? Do I limit myself to something, and just say one thing, because I do a lot. In fact I DO as much as I can. I didn’t want to be limited to only one part of my life by explaining what “I do” if I answer according to societal norms – meaning what I do for a living. This led me on a journey to find an answer – what could I say in response to that question without feeling like I am limiting myself and still respecting the questioner with a truthful answer. Which led me on an incredible path of research on what makes us fulfilled in life and what do we search for, how do we get ‘meaning’ and that is when I found out about our Telos.

Your purpose is a reflection of your true highest value – which is your ‘Telos’

This is where I made the connection between our values, purpose and our challenges!

Our challenges in life – especially early in life, create our voids and our voids determine our values, and our values determine our purpose – or Chief Aim in life – TELOS! A Greek word for “end”, “goal” or “purpose” – or end goal. It was used extensively by Greek Philosophers such as Aristotle. So, when I started looking at my challenges, being incarcerated until I escaped in my early twenties and brutally abused in that time, I started to understand my voids. And then I realised that it was my voids that I was constantly trying to fulfill in life – which were creating my values – that which is MOST important to me! It was then that I discovered that the realisation of those values was my chief aim in life – my Telos.
In a nutshell my values principally are –

  • Empowering people – in any way I can
  • Relationships (specifically with my husband, best friend and lover)
  • Having Fun

Which breaks down nicely to Do, Be and Have  –  and that is when I finally had the answer to what I DO. I empower people – in any way I can – and I knew this was true because if I looked back over my life since escaping, everything single thing I did revolved around empowering people – because I spent so much of my life over powered. So since then I make a public declaration in what I do through my signature!