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Yes I am ready to Charge my Life and step into my true power

I’ll send you Inspirational mails from time to time to assist you on your journey to charging your life which will give you a great sense of achievement. I’ll share with you my latest projects and case studies that will show you how I live an unstoppable life without barriers or obstacles and how you can do the same – no matter where you are in life.

You’ll experience my crazy ideas & see how I can pull what appears to be impossible into reality & how YOU can do the same!

“Remember there is NO earthly challenge greater than you! There will be times when this feels impossible, but trust me when I say this, as someone who has endured the seemingly impossible, it really is true and so empowering”
Love Judy 

My way of Championing my Challenges is to empower others as much as I can in whatever way I can. That is why in 2014 I launched International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges on 24 November. From this project we founded the I Celebrate Foundation, a not for profit organisation that focuses on addressing issues that contribute to Mental Health challenges. We are particularly focused on increasing the levels of protection and assistance for children and youth.
Humanities Child Law
Humanities Child Law is about protecting and empowering our children from sexual abuse, harm and trafficking. We are lobbying for an Amendment to the Education Act 2011 to include Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention being taught to our children through the education system and schools.  According to Einstein the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome and that is the situation we find ourselves in today with regard to protecting our children. The statistics speak for themselves. Only 1 in 8 children who are sexually abused in the UK are identified by professionals. Though police and local authorities recorded around 50,000 cases of sexual abuse over the two years to March 2014, it is estimated that as many as 450,000 children were abused over the same period – meaning that only 1 in 8 received the vital intervention needed to keep them safe and help to overcome their experiences. (Source: Protecting children from harm: A critical assessment of child sexual abuse in the family network in England and priorities for action; November 2015) A different strategy needs to be adopted to ensure a different outcome. Almost every child goes to school, it is a place where professionals can share awareness and prevention education that will not only gently encourage the hundreds of thousands of children suffering in silence to receive vital intervention but also make children aware of the dangers of being groomed. If you would love to support this campaign please find out more and sign our petition by clicking on this link – When we get 100 000 signatures the government will consider it for a parliamentary debate – this is just ONE of our strategies in our campaign please click here for more information.
"I Celebrate" Project
We are going for The Guinness Book of Records with this photographic exhibition of men & women who have experienced challenges or experience Mental Health issues but today can celebrate those experiences and live a fulfilled life of joy and enrichment. Launching on 24 November International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges. If you are inspired by this project we would love to hear from you. We are looking for men and women who would love to be a part of the photographic exhibition and be photographed as well as partners in the Mental Health field who would love their work exhibited. If you would love to submit your photographs to be included in the record breaking exhibition please click here to find out more
Celebrate Your Challenges Day
Judy created International Day to Celebrate Your Challenges in 2014 to encourage healing and inner peace for millions of people suffering challenges and painful experiences in their life.
As there are so many men women and children globally living with mental health issues it is essential that we increase our level of awareness around this problem. We also need improve our understanding so we can help and bring healing and support to those that so desperately need it.

24 November as a day to mark our challenges been established to bring light and awareness to the blessings inherent in our challenges. It is designed to bring hope and inspiration for people going through the healing and grieving that comes with painful experiences. It has also a day for us all to focus on ourselves and appreciate our perfect imperfections because that is part of what makes each one of us unique.
“We have all experienced challenges in life! Some have experienced apparently ‘harsher’ challenges than others – but irrespective of what challenge you have experienced past or present – there are gifts in them and they can be used to serve you.” Judy van Niekerk Find out More

I first became an entrepreneur out of necessity many many years ago, because I was fired from every job I ever had. I suspect that was because I am not a conformist and having experienced the challenges I have, I learned to do things my way, with the result I never see obstacles only opportunities. I truly believe that the single most powerful way to empower yourself in all areas of life is through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is more than having your own business – it’s a mindset and can just as easily apply to you if you are employed and on a career path or a business owner. The businesses I start are always around me Capitalising my Challenges whether it be the very first business I started in 1993 called Dial-A-Teddy, or the first ever online Life Coaching portal/ website in 2001, or revolutionising the wine industry in South Africa or today revolutionising bras with The Digital Bra – they all have one theme – they empower!

The Digital Bra
A project to empower billions of women globally and encourage women to love their bodies as they are. The Revolutionary NEW Digital Bra APP 3D scans your body so you can FINALLY have The Perfect Fit Bra CUSTOM made and delivered to YOU! Using Exponential Technologies, 3D scanning, mobile technology, machine learning and robotics we are revolutionising the Lingerie industry. This project is also a case study on how you Capitalise Your Challenges – there is no challenge that can not be solved – only answers undiscovered! Find out more about The Digital Bra, Click Here.
ACE Training
ACE Training is for entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors and also for career focused employees committed to getting to the top of their field. This will give you the tools to position yourself as The Expert in your field. You will learn to leverage yourself and to be a professional with authority and grow your level of influence, seal your position as the Go To expert in your field.
This training will equip you with the skills you need to thrive in the contractor and consulting marketplace in 2016 and beyond.
The business landscape is changing and those that thrive in todays culture are those with a professional entrepreneurial approach to their work as a contractor or consultant. Find out more click here.
TJ Consulting Ltd
Tiny and Judy Consulting Ltd (also known as TJ Consulting Ltd) is a privately owned consultancy with a small team of highly experienced Project Managers, IT technologists, developers and Business Management professionals. Working with clients to adopt exponential strategies and technologies to their businesses to stay ahead of the curve as we are experiencing a global change in the way business works today like never before as exponential technologies affect more and more of our everyday lives. At TJ Consulting we are committed to teaching, empowering and creating projects that using technology to solve challenges in our society. The Digital Bra is one such case study. TO find out more about how we can be of service to you click here
Following the long road I needed to take in overcoming and thriving after my challenges I spent a lot of time developing a framework around the road to my healing so that I could easily share it with others.This is how the trilogy of Charge, Capitalise and Champion your Challenges was created and I can honestly say it sums up so powerfully what I needed to do to get to where I am now, living with inner peace, with my lover and soul mate and literally living my motto…..

A life filled with fun – is a life fulfilled!

“I believe we need to focus on having fun in life, every single day! I believe we need to laugh – lots and smile all the time! I don’t believe we need to conform! I don’t believe we need to blend into the sea of sameness! I believe it is possible for every single one of us to glow in the ocean of uniqueness and individuality and with that comes true authenticity and a life of abundance”

Love Judy

tri-CYC copy

Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy triangle  the Trilogy of Challenges™ works in a similar fashion.

Starting as an absolute necessity it is imperative to Charge Your Challenges by integrating them into your life. Our challenges are a part of who we are, they make the whole of who we are, not something we reject, hide from, try and disown or judge and label.

There is beauty in the imperfections of our challenges that make each one of us uniquely perfect.

Charge Your Challenges
All challenges we experience give us a valuable opportunity to bring to light our shadows. The best way to deal with a shadow is to bring it into the light – the same with the disowned parts of who we are. You are a sacred being and no being is just pure good – we are 50/50 good and bad. and to accept ourselves as the sacred beings we are we need to accept that. Until you can accept that you can’t love yourself unconditionally. If you don’t you can’t unlock your Inner Technology where all the magic in your life exists, where all the answers for you to know how to physically create your ideal life – your powerful life – exists. There is no earthly challenge you are not bigger than! To completely charge your challenges you need to unlock your Inner Technology and to do so is to accept that you have grown, learned from and benefited from your experiences and in your heart you hold nothing but forgiveness for yourself, gratitude and love for your experiences. The 7 Steps to Charge Your Challenges™ is your route to achieving that level of inner peace in your life. If you would love to get to free your heart and soul and be emotionally empowered I would be happy to work with you. Click here to send me an e-mail and let’s get started.
Capitalise Your Challenges

If your outer life is one of conflict, stress, worry, anxiety the chances are you need to Charge Your Challenges™.

Your outer reality will directly reflect your inner being – so outer stress will mean you are dealing with unresolved issues.

This will happen from living outside of your values and making you feel a lack of authenticity in your life.

If your outer life is one of lack in any form including lack of money then the chances are you need to Capitalise Your Challenges™

There are so many gifts from our challenges, so many benefits to be gained and so much gold to be mined from them, not doing so is literally like leaving money on the table in life. We learn so much about ourselves during our challenging experiences and we gain so many skills and tools but we don’t use them to contribute to the life we would love because we have been taught to feel and think that all challenges are bad.

But nothing is all bad – after the grieving and healing there is gratitude and in that gratitude there is great opportunity by Capitalising Your Challenges™.

If you would love to learn how to Capitalise Your Challenges™ which will also involve you learning to Charge Your Challenges™

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The Capitalise your Challenges™ 90 day program

consists of the following core elements –

• 7 Steps to Charging your Challenges

• 3 Step Formula to Capitalising Your Challenges

• Comprehensive business map strategy

• An implementation program

As well as tons of support through one on one sessions and on e-mail.

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Against The Grain
Against the Grain was an bestselling book that I wrote with Brian Tracy with other incredible authors and coaches in 2013. n Against the Grain you will learn powerful tools and techniques to win in today’s changing economy. Successful entrepreneurs Brian Tracy, myself and others share their secrets to empower YOU on your road to entrepreneurial success. It is a formidable guide that will demonstrate a non traditional approach to attaining your entrepreneurial success. In Against the Grain you will discover:

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